Live Sneak-Peek Long Hair Transplant Surgery

On Tuesday, February 26, 2008, Dr. Craig Ziering of Beverly Hills will be performing his new “Sneak-Peek Technique” hair restoration surgery – LIVE!

Dr. Ziering’s new and innovative Sneak-Peek Long Hair Transplant procedure is a hair restoration surgery that represents an artistic advancement as compared to existing transplant methods. In traditional transplant procedures, surgeons graft short hair into a patient’s scalp which would then fall out and grow back later, showing no results for months. During the Sneak-Peek Technique, Dr. Ziering uses long hair grafts which give the patient an instant preview of the final result without having to wait 4 -6 months for the hair to grow in. The long hair grafts will follow the normal post-procedure shedding, but a patient no longer has to navigate the uncertainty of what the transplant will ultimately look like.  This is also an interactive hair surgery which allows the patients to participate with Dr. Ziering in the design and artistry of the hairline as well as participate in deciding the distribution of their donor hair to achieve more density in a transplant zone or to achieve more coverage across the zone where they have loss.  In essence, the Sneak-Peek Technique allows the surgeon to “custom design” a patient’s new look with IMMEDIATE results!  Dr. Ziering was introduced to the technique and benefits of the long hair transplants by his friend and colleague, Dr. Marcelo Pitchon of Brazil. Dr. Pitchon sought out Dr. Ziering to help bring this new procedure to the forefront of American medicine.

Dr. Ziering will perform a LIVE Sneak-Peek Long Hair Transplant surgery on Gene Wolcott, a former professional Baseball player and current third degree Brown Belt in Kenpo Karate. Still very active, Gene feels that due to his receding hairline he looks years older than how he feels and is opting for the Sneak Peek.

“I called on Dr. Ziering because of his expertise in his craft,” says Gene. “It’s almost like a dream to have a procedure that will show immediate results and take years off my hairline and looks, allowing me a ‘Sneak Peek’ into my future hair!”

To interview Dr. Ziering and follow Gene through the Sneak Peek Long Hair Transplant procedure contact Eddie at: The Professional Image, Inc. at (949) 760-1522 or

BIO: Craig L. Ziering, D.O., F.A.O.C.D., has over 16 years of hair transplantation surgery experience. He is frequently a featured surgeon at international conferences and has performed over 12,000 hair transplant procedures. Dr. Ziering’s artistry and skill are recognized throughout the world. His concepts and designs such as his WHORL classification system recently received an award for “Most Original New Idea” at an ISHRS scientific assembly. Dr. Ziering is board certified in Dermatology, by the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology, and in Hair Transplantation Surgery by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. He has several offices including Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Diamond Bar and Rancho Mirage. Ziering Medical is also located in Salt Lake City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Ziering has been featured on ABC’S “Extreme Makeover,” Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, The Los Angeles Times, and is used as a resource in many other national media outlets Please visit:

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