Female Hair Transplant Options

    Female hair transplant surgery is now an option. Never one to be uncomfortable with challenging traditional industry norms, Dr. Ziering recognized that women were an underserved community of hair loss sufferers. Female Hair Loss often goes ignored even by mainstream beauty publications, making it difficult for women to get the education and answers they deserve. And yet, hair loss in women is very common with approximately 30% of women experiencing some amount of thinning hair throughout their lifetimes. The psychological impact on women can be more severe as a woman’s femininity is frequently linked to her hair.

    Whereas men’s hair loss is more socially acceptable, even expected, current societal norms are not so forgiving with women experiencing thinning hair. In fact, a greater stigma is placed on women who are battling hair loss. Breaking the “cater to men” industry and societal model, Dr. Ziering launched his private practice with a dedicated program of female hair loss solutions with Ziering For Her. Private female hair loss solutions seminars and live surgeries are hosted exclusively for women through the Ziering For Her umbrella.

    Required attire is PINK! We embrace the reality of female hair loss and are committed to providing a safe forum for women to address and explore their hair loss treatment options.
    NewBeauty July ’16 Featuring Dr. Ziering

    New Beauty Magazine

    Dr. Ziering continues to serve on the Editorial Advisory Board for New Beauty magazine. As a Board Member, he is constantly championing stories for Hair Health, Hair Loss and Hair Restoration. However, in the current summer issue, he shares his all time best beauty advice. Check it out in New Beauty.

    NewBeauty June ’15 Featuring Dr. Ziering

    New Beauty Magazine-2


    Celebrity Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Craig Ziering is featured in the Summer/Fall 2015 edition of NewBeauty magazine, which is due on news stands June 30, 2015.

    Female Success Stories

    “After almost a year of treatment my hair loss has discontinued. My bald spots have filled in and my hair feels fuller and thicker and looks normal again.”

    Female Hair Restoration Success Stories

    Off The Cuff Radio Show

    Female Success Stories

    The Truth about Women and Hair Loss

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    “The Hair She Wants”

    Hair She Wants

    Whereas our culture can embrace and even celebrate “bald being beautiful” for men, there is little social forgiveness or acceptance of female hair…

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    NewBeauty July ’12 Featuring Dr. Ziering

    New Beauty Magazine

    In the U.S. alone, there are 40 million women who suffer from hair loss. It’s extremely common. About 50 percent of the inquiries…

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