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fut hair transplantWhy do so many Chicago individuals seek out FUT Strip Harvest Hair Transplants and other options for hair restoration? For those who are experiencing it, hair loss is no laughing matter. Ziering Medical of Chicago understands that when you feel good about your appearance, you feel more confident. At Ziering Medical of Chicago, we feel compassion for our patients, and we want to improve their confidence, both personally and professionally, with groundbreaking hair restoration solutions like FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Strip Harvest Hair Transplants.

FUT Strip Harvest Hair Transplants are ideal for individuals who want to achieve the most natural looking results and the greatest illusion of more hair. The FUT Strip Harvest Hair Transplant procedure includes harvesting a strip of hair from the back of the head. The strip is dissected under the Ziering Scope into naturally occurring follicular units. The surgeon makes the recipient sites according to hair transplant design. The techs then place the grafts into the sites of the scalp. At Ziering Medical of Chicago, our surgical team gives exacting attention to the grafting area, making sure to meticulously match the exact angle and direction to each tiny recipient site. In most procedures, the 1- hair grafts are placed in the frontal hairline and temporal peaks, the 2-hair grafts immediately behind the hairline grafts and the 3 and 4 hair follicular units are placed through central and forelock zones.

Here is a 5-star review from Scott P., a Ziering Medical patient who experienced the FUT Strip Harvest Hair Transplant procedure:

“…I did the procedure … and was seriously treated like a king. I felt 100% comfortable the entire time, in fact more comfortable than I am most of the time! They took care of lunch for me that day and pretty much pampered me. Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor to the medical assistants were exceedingly nice and kept making sure I was okay during the procedure. It was a long one though, about 4-5 hours and by the end I was ready to go home and sleep but they walked me through the post-op procedures again and again to make sure I know exactly what to do to keep the grafts healthy and intact. I really can’t say enough good things about them. I feel like I have become a friend to them and would go out of my way if someone was considering to use them while comparing other options. With a procedure like this you do NOT want to make your decision based solely on price, which I knew from the get-go and am happy I stuck with my gut. I think their price is fair for the safety of knowing you are working with the best….”

If you would like to explore the FUT Strip Harvest Hair Transplant option via a consultation with the Ziering team, we invite you to make an appointment. Ziering of Chicago is located at 120 Oakbrook Center Drive, Suite 308, in Oak Brook, Illinois.

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