Hair Transplant Videos & Media

UK Celebrity, Jason Gardiner

UK celebrity, Jason Gardiner, from ITV’s, This Morning, and Dancing On Ice chose Dr. Ziering to perform his hair transplant procedure.

Extreme Makeover Hair Transplant

Sharing his personal hair loss story, Bill undergoes a surgical hair restoration. Having great, “dense” donor hair, 3,328 grafts are harvested and transplanted.

Extreme Makeover Hair Transplant

Many hair transplant patients will need a second procedure in order to achieve more density. Patrick, an Extreme Makeover patient, returns to Southern California to have his second hair transplant.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Dr. Ziering discusses the how laser therapy works and its benefits for hair loss sufferers.

Eyebrow, Sideburn and Temporal Peak Hair Transplants

While performing an eyebrow transplant procedure, Dr. Ziering discusses the various facial hair transplant procedures that are performed at Ziering Medical on KTLA.

Hair Transplant Surgery for Men and Women

Gayle Anderson from KTLA interviews Dr. Ziering to get answers to common questions about hair transplant procedures for men and women.

Reconstructive Eyelash Transplants

Dr. Ziering performs an eyelash transplant live on TV.

Extreme Makeover transplanting hair through scars.

Karen and Phil, undergo hair transplant procedures with Dr. Ziering on the popular show Extreme Makeover. Hair transplant surgery is performed to restore thinning areas, but also to disguise scars from trauma and from a face lift procedure respectively.

Can Anyone Be a Hair Donor for Hair Transplant Procedures?

The Hair Transplant patient is both donor and recipient for their hair transplant surgery. The donor hair is permanent hair, genetically programmed to last for life. Dr. Ziering explains how he is in the “moving” business – taking donor hair from the back of the head and moving it to your balding and thinning areas.

Enhance Your Eyes with an Eyebrow Transplant

Dr. Ziering is tapped by E! to talk about the latest trend of celebs having eyebrow tranplants to enhance their appearance. Watch him perform an eyebrow transplant.

Why Ziering Medical?

Selecting the surgeon who will perform your hair transplant procedure is an important decision that can make all the difference in achieving your aesthetic goals, getting the results you desire and enjoying the journey of restoring your hair.

Ziering Hair Transplant (Suture Line)

Watch as Dr. Ziering tries to find the suture line scar on a strip procedure patients post hair transplant surgery.

Proven Hair Loss Treatments from Dr. Ziering on the Today Show

Matt Lauer interviewed Dr. Ziering on the Today Show, comparing various methods of hair restoration. The end is insightful, as a man who elects to invest in a hair system tells Lauer he would still consider having hair transplant surgery with Dr. Ziering.

First Hair Transplant on Extreme Makeover.

The surgical talents of Dr. Ziering were called on to perform the first hair transplant surgery for the popular TV show, Extreme Makeover, featuring Patrick.

Dr. Ziering and His Patients Talk Hair Restoration on Today’s Man

We focus on every aspect or our patients, hair restoration experience from their first consultations to their post surgery follow up visits. At Ziering Medical, our patients know that they will receive the very best in artistry, quality, and value because of our individualized treatment plans, attention to detail, and impeccable reputation.

Female Hair Loss – The Doctors TV Show & Dr. Craig Ziering

Lacey, 25, is experiencing female pattern baldness and hair restoration specialist Dr. Craig Ziering demonstrates a new laser treatment called the Revage 670

Female Hair Transplants and Facial Hair Transplants

Dr. Ziering Demonstrates The ARTAS® Robot on KTLA’s The Tech Report.

Dr. Ziering Demonstrates The ARTAS® Robot on KTLA's The Tech Report.

An early adopter of the ARTAS® Robot and Robotic FUE Hair Transplantion, Dr. Ziering is featured on KTLA in Los Angeles, demonstrating the ARTAS Robot.

Hey Trump, Dump the Comb Over By Laurel House

Aesthetic TV

When you think about hair restoration, what image pops in your mind; balding men in their 60s? Hair plugs? Donald Trump’s comb over? Well, it’s time to expand your thinking.

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