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las vegas hair loss clinicPlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Loss Treatment is a non-surgical hair restoration technique that is gaining popularity amongst our Las Vegas clientele. From well-known Las Vegas entertainers and executives to men and women concerned with hair loss, Ziering of Las Vegas is restoring confidence in individuals who want thicker, natural appearing hair with PRP Hair Loss Treatments.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment is a process that takes about 45 minutes to an hour and involves drawing a small sample of your blood into a test tube. We process your blood sample in a centrifuge at high speeds to separate the platelet-rich plasma. A platelet activator, calcium chloride, is added. The PRP, which contains many growth factors, is then placed into syringes and re-injected into the area(s) of hair thinning or hair loss. Local anesthesia is offered to patients before the actual injections to minimize discomfort. After the initial PRP Hair Loss Treatment, we recommend follow-up treatments at six months and twelve months.

Ziering Medical offers PRP Hair Loss Treatment, hair transplant, and restoration services that benefit men, women, and transgender patients. With offices located across the United States, the Ziering Medical team serves to improve the lives of countless individuals. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is one of many hair loss treatments perfected by Ziering of Las Vegas.

If you would like to explore the PRP Hair Loss Treatment via a consultation with the Ziering team, we invite you to make an appointment. Ziering Hair Transplant Clinic of Las Vegas is located at 8930 West Sunset Road, Suite 140, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Christopher Varona
Our Chicago Hair Transplant Surgeon
Growing up in a family of medical professionals, Dr. Christopher Varona spent his childhood immersed in his father’s medical practice learning the ins and outs of patient care. By the time he received his Doctorate degree in Osteopathic Medicine from Midwestern, he was already an old hand in knowing how to take care of patients. He carried this knowledge with him through his residency at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and, upon completion, into his medical practice.

As a kid Dr. Varona was already a skilled artist in his own right, attending a music academy during high school to foster his skill as a pianist. Today, he uses his innate artistic sense and skilled hands to help transform peoples’ lives through hair restoration.

Dr. Craig Ziering
Our Las Vegas Expert Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Craig L. Ziering, celebrity hair transplant surgeon and leading authority in hair transplant surgery, and the team at Ziering Medical are among the very best in the field of hair restoration. Working with entertainment and sports celebrities, executives and individuals across the country, Dr. Ziering considers himself privileged to be a part of changing people’s lives, personally and professionally. There is no better reward for the Ziering Medical team than to watch individuals regain their confidence as they run their fingers through their new hair.

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