The Robotic Revolution is Here


ARTAS® System FUE Transplants

Now you can have a permanent and natural looking solution for hair loss. And nobody has to know you’ve had treatment.

With the ARTAS® System Procedure, your skilled physician utilizes advanced digital technology and precision robotics to give you fuller, healthy looking hair. Permanent hair from the back of the head is transplanted into thinning areas, growing naturally as before.

You’ll have natural looking hair – your own hair – that you can wear in any style with confidence.

What Is A Follicular Unit?

ARTAS Target Technology Illustration

We all know what hair follicles are. But many people don’t realize that hair in your scalp grows in groupings. These groupings, called follicular units, typically contain one to four hair follicles. In hair restoration, single-hair follicular units are transplanted in irregular patterns along the hairline, like the original hairline. Multiple-hair follicular units are used in the interior to provide density and fullness. In this way, the transplanted hair grows back naturally and permanently.

ARTAS® System Machine Interface

ARTAS Machine Interface

Visualizes the surface of the scalp in three dimensions with micron-level precision.

Stereo digital imaging maps coordinates, angle orientation and direction for each follicular unit.

Determines the density and distribution of follicular units.

At 50 times a second, monitors and updates distinct parameters of each and every follicular unit.

Intelligent algorithms set the alignment and depth for individual follicular unit harvesting.

Calculated angle of approach minimizes transections by the two-needle system.

ARTAS® System FUE Procedure VideosARTAS® System Images

ARTAS® System FUE Procedure Videos

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ARTAS® System Images

Robotic Surgery: With New Technology Come New Opportunities?


With all the press surrounding health care reimbursements and related topics, it’s easy to forget that there are still new and exciting procedures to offer for the benefit of both your patients and your practice.

Robot-assisted hair restoration is one such procedure. The ARTAS System enables physicians to offer their patients a minimally invasive procedure that leverages image-guided robotics to deliver permanent, natural-looking results.

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