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Ziering and Dr. Craig Ziering are frequently featured in prominent publications and media outlets worldwide.

The natural looking results created by our staff of expertly trained hair restoration specialists are drawing the attention of medical professionals, anti-aging advocates, reality television programs and others.

You can see these results for yourself in the photo galleries or live, in person, at one of our in-house demonstrations performed by Dr. Ziering.

On the subsequent pages, you’ll find articles from medical publications featuring Dr. Ziering’s techniques, as well as details on all the Ziering Medical events we have scheduled.

Histogen Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC)

About Histogen

Leading Edge Development

Development & Testing of HSC

Histogen’s Proprietary Technology Process

Histogen to Present Preliminary Hair Regrowth

Safety and Efficacy in a First-In-Man Phase I Clinical Trial

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