Ziering Whorl

    Improving The Art of Hair Transplant Surgery

    Hairpieces and toupees are not the answer. When it comes to hair loss remedies, too many options tend to become mere bandages on a much bigger problem. Nothing restores one’s confidence more than knowing that it is one’s own hair growing back in those balding and thinning areas. Nothing is going to slide, fall off or look fake. If anything, the worry over discovery becomes an even greater concern than the self-esteem issues associated with thinning hair.  However, modern hair transplantation techniques employed by Ziering Medical such as microscopic follicular unit grafting are replacing yesterday’s hairpieces and “plugs” with results that are undetectable. The Ziering Whorl is a hair classification and surgical hair restoration technique that is revolutionizing that bald spots on the back of the head and crown are being treated and restored to their natural state.

    All Bald Spots Are Not The Same

    In the past, hair grafts were transplanted into the bald spot without attention to detail and design. Often the hairs were transplanted in straight lines as surgeons tried to cover the whole area from the outside in, still leaving the all-too-familiar bull’s eye in the middle of the crown.

    Dr. Ziering considered this hair transplantation technique unacceptable and set out to correct it. He conducted a study with 534 patients, studying their hair patterns and developing an authentic hair pattern classification system.  This system standardizes the terminology used to identify these whorl patterns and is aptly named the Ziering Whorl. A whorl by definition means the hairs that rotate around the axis. To find the Ziering whorl and determine the classified pattern, the ZM surgeons look at the back of a patient’s head where the hair pattern rotates as it exits the scalp in a circular pattern. There are five discernable patterns: S, Z, Double SZ, Double S and Diffuse. Where there is no indication of the patient’s Whorl pattern due to too much hair loss, the Ziering surgeons are able to use the lay of the fringe hair along with the patient’s ethnicity to determine the most natural looking whorl pattern.

    Once the whorl pattern is identified, the recipient sites are made in the bald spot following the direction of the patient’s whorl pattern, working from the inside or center of the whorl outward to prevent the common bulls eye. This Whorl Pattern Surgical Technique gives better transplant density in the crown area.

    The Ziering Whorl, represents the new hair transplantation technique standard in hair restoration for bald spots. This unique hair transplantation technique duplicates the hair’s tendency to grow from the scalp in a spiral pattern.

    Dr. Ziering and the surgical staff of Ziering Medical can create natural looking results with the Whorl Pattern Surgical Technique that enable our patients to live confident lives, secure in the knowledge that their hair transplantation is as natural as the hair they had before it began to fall out.

    The Ziering Whorl techniques and identification process has been taught by Dr. Z to other hair transplant surgeons at international conferences across the globe. The results are the most natural looking hair transplants ever achieved.

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